Zuzanna Celej


BA Honours in fine Arts at University of Barcelona.
Majored in Illustration at the Llotja Art School in Barcelona.

Publications and illustrated projects:
- “The prince who learned everything from books” by Jacinto Benavente, published in Barcelona
by Editorial Juventud.
- “The Oval Portrait” by Edgar Alan Poe, illustrated whit Kim Amate.
- “El Ladrón de muselina”, graphic novel, written and illustrated by Zuzanna Celej.
- Illustration project “Anansi and thenDeath” for the International Illustration contest
Figures Futur 2008.
- Children’s illustration project for the Egyptian Museum in Vilanova, Barcelona.
- Directed the photographic documentation for the opening night of a YSL shop in Barcelona.

- “L’illa d’Art 2011” contemporary art exhibition at the Illa Diagonal, Barcelona 2011.
- “Inund’Art 2011” collective art exhibition in Girona.
- Artisan Market 2011, Christmas Steps Arts Quarter, Bristol, UK.
- Illustration for “Tom Sawyer”, collective exhibition at the Proa Espais bookshop, Barcelona 2011.
- Totterdown Art Trail, Bristol 2010.
- “Món Llibre 2010” Collective exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona,
- “ARTERIA 2010” VII Contemporary Art Festival, Huesca, Spain.
- Exhibited the book “El Ladrón de muselina” at the Salon of Comics and Illustration of Barcelona.
- “I el futur…com pinta?” Collective exhibition of illustration 2010, Pati Llimona of Barcelona,
which also made the poster.
- “Frosty Queen and Other Tales” Individual exhibition of painting and illustration at the Gallery
Gogoko of Barcelona, 2009.
- “DelicARTessen 8”, Exhibition at the Galerie Esther Montoriol of Barcelona, 2009.
- Easton Art Trail Exhibition, Bristol 2008, UK.
- Individual exhibition of painting and illustration at the Cultural Centre of Vilanova, Spain,
- Exhibitor in the Comic & Illustration Fair in Barcelona, 2005
- Exhibited a selection of nude female photography, titled “Eva”, Barcelona 2003.
- Collective exhibition of photography, in the “Sant Roc Festival”, Olot 2002, Spain.

- Nails Art Gallery, Britol, UK
- CCCB, Barcelona.
- Galería Gogoko, Barcelona.
- Galería Esther Montoriol, Barcelona.
- Centre Civic Pati Llimona, Barcelona.
- Gallería Rosa Pous, Girona.

- Distinction for the video-art project titled “Recorridos” at the University of Barcelona
- First prize award for a poster competition named “Deportes UB” at the University of Barcelona.
- First prize for photographic series called “Jardines de la Devesa”, at University of Barcelona
and University of Girona.